Saturday, July 18, 2015

The End Is Near!

So am now at 37 weeks and it is 4:00 am and can't sleep. oh the joys of pregnancy! It hasn't been too awful, but I think the 2nd trimester is the best. I was oh so very sick during the entire first trimester, but started feeling better around week 14-15. Zofran is an amazing drug-even if everyone thinks it could cause birth defects. Baby didn't mind it one bit! We did find out that we are having ONE (much to the Frenchman's disappointment) baby Boy (much to the Frenchman's surprise- he was convinced it was a girl).
We are on the home stretch now, and my blood pressure has been slowly creeping up and at my appointment today it was REALLY high so off to labor and delivery I was sent to be monitored. All my lab work came back normal which is good, but I am now officially on bed rest- which isn't as much fun but am kinda looking forward to having some time off before the baby shows up. We are secretly hoping that we can convince the doctor to give us a firm induction date at our next appointment- this way I can maximize my time off being with the baby and not just incubating him.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tap Dance

for the past couple of years I have been taking tap dancing lessons- I have a great time and the most amazing part is I have not yet been injured! here is our latest dance we are working on

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Closet Space

When the Frenchman and I were first married he worked very early in the morning- really early as in 3:30 am till noon. In consideration for his poor wife (me) who was still asleep he put his closet in our spare bedroom so he could get up, shower and get ready for work all without disturbing my sleep. 
Fast forward five months and he applied and got a new job with the same company only this time he didn't have to be to work until 9:00 am and since I go to work at 6- our roles flip flopped and I was now faced with trying not to wake him up during my morning routine. 

We kept the closets the same, mainly because we didn't think about moving anything. Fast forward to this past weekend when I asked my Frenchman if he would like to take over the other half of the master bedroom closet. He said sure so storage that was in the master closet got moved to the spare closet and the Frenchman moved to the master. So we officially share closet space now. Is it weird that I know feel more married than I did before?  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Surgery Again

So about three years ago I had bunion surgery on my right foot. The surgery went well but in the process of getting the tendons and stuff to stretch back out after surgery I sprained my ankle- really really badly. (remember this?) Anyway so in trying to fix the ankle we forgot about the toe and it never really got all it's movement back-but it wasn't ever too much of a problem. It started to become a problem in the past few months because I started going to the gym more and also started tap dancing- two activities that require movement in your toe surprising. So the pain in my foot started to increase-but was helped by lots of foot rubs from the frenchman. So I went back to my handy dandy foot doctor and found out that because I wasn't walking on my toe (i compensated for the lack of movement by walking one the side of my foot) and this had cause tendonitis in the rest of the foot. Upon taking x-rays we found that two of the three screws placed in my toe during the surgery originally two of them had started to work their way out of my toe. I had also developed two bone spurs around the joint further preventing movement of my toe. So back to surgery I went (i was given some other options but the surgery was the only one that was actually going to work) So on Friday I went in they removed the screws-which i didn't get to keep sadly- and then they cleaned up the bone spurs. Lots of relaxing and am on 'bed-rest' for the weekend. Feeling nice and fuzzy and am doing well so far. Heres hoping that this will fix the problem and I can get back to dancing and the gym.

Friday, January 27, 2012


I know! Look at that I am blogging :) I am a reader- I love to read, doesn't matter what it is- for the most part I will give most anything a try. I always take a book with me no matter where I go, that way if I am my usual 15 minutes early to an event or someone else is late I am not bored- cause I have a book :) I also have the habit of stashing books at different places. I am currently reading 3, no wait 4 books and listening to a 5th on my iPod. One book I have in my room on my bed to read at night, one book in my drawer at work to read during lunch, one at my boyfriends house to read while I am there (cause he reads as much as I do) and then I have a book I am reading on my ereader app on my phone in case I happen to be somewhere without a printed book. Hopefully this cumpulsive stashing of books everywhere will help decrease the size of my 'to read' pile- it is pretty bad.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Guys are hard to shop for! This is a new experience having to shop for one for Valentines day. I ended up getting him this.....think he will share???

got them here....